London Fashion Week

Don't you just love London fashion week. I wish i could go to see all of the shows, but unfortunately i live in Iceland and there is no such thing Reykjavik Fashion Week. Not at the moment anyway. So i guess ill just have to make do with watching the shows on YouTube or style.com.
But here are a few of my fave collections from wonderful designers for Autumn/winter 09.


Peter Pilotti

Josh Goot

Henry Holland

Unique is definitely by far my favorite collection for the season Autumn/Winter. I love the over sized orange scarf in the first picture. What a statement! I always fall in love with over sized items for winter, but during the summer, petite is definitely a must. Some designers kept their collections dark and grungy, while Unique had fun with the collection and added color to darker tones such as grey or black mixed with orange and yellow. Visit www.topshop.com
to find your outfit for autumn/winter 2009.

Peter Pilotti. I love how this collection is so pretty but really cool at the same time. It shows how you can mix up the floral and patterned trend from spring/summer collections and keep warm with knee high boots and cardies.
See this whole collection at www.londonfashionweek.com.

Josh Goot. Born in Sydney in 1980, Josh Goot began a Media Art & Production degree at Sydney’s University of Technology in 1999. Spending time in New York later that year, Josh decided that his interest in media and communication would manifest through fashion design. His collection was very modern with black and white tones mixed with floral and artistic patterns. I was amazed by how much i liked this collection when usually i go for the more chilled out look. Check out his designer profile at www.style.com This designer is most definitely one to watch.

Henry Holland what a darling! I love this guy, he most definitely express himself in his designs. Holland is known for his statement t-shirts from last year. His collections are always so fun to watch and i dream of the day when i shall get to go and watch his best friend Agnesse walk down the runway in a design from his collection. His website is called House of Holland and it is doubtlessly going on my daily clicks list.

that's all from me. watch this name bcus it's going to be big !
Chanel björk


  1. i love this post- i'm diggin henry holland and unique! I wish they would magically appear in my closet! *sighs*

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