summer, kind of wonderful

summer time..

definitely my favorite time of year.
i live in iceland so i have to suffer a long and dark winter seasons. whenever the sun shines on this small island, everyone gets their bathing suits on and bake on their balconies for hours.
talking of bathing suits, teen vogue posted a gorgeous bikini the other day

Billabong Bloom Bikini... gorgeous!

Another thing i love about summer are the summer SALES! i mean, who doesn't love a good bargain. i went to Zara's today and bought a pair of silver plaited sandals. (i'll post a picture when i get my camera). i also found a bright yellow summer coat, similar to what blair waldorf wore in the final episode of gossip girl (only in yellow). I definitely think that headbands are going to be popular next season. I'm not so sure about bright colors though, i think that the autumn/winter season will be quite dark and dramatic with grey-ish and beige tones. hey, that gives me an idea for my next blog..

. chanel björk

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