Branch Jewelry Hanger

Það er búið að vera ótrúlega gott veður um helgina. Í gær fannst mér vera tileinkað veður til að hanga aðeins út í garði og koma í verk nokkrar hugmyndir sem ég hafði fundið á netinu.

The weather has been brilliant over the weekend here in Nottingham. Yesterday I decided to spend the day in the garden trying out some idea's i had found on blogs etc.

You will need..

- Branch (thick and strong enough to hold the jewelry)
- Gold metallic paint (White or any other earthy tones would also look good)
- Panel pins
- Hammer
- String (I used clear fisherman string)

Panel pins. Can be found in any hardware store.

Metallic paint from Wilko.

Branch. I used a kitchen scrubber to smooth the surface.

Branch painted gold. I recommend using gloves whilst doing this.

Once the paint is dry, it's time to nail the pins into the branch. Do this carefully so the branch doesn't snap.

When this is done, tie your string on both ends. Nail a hook or another panel pin into a wall. Hang up the branch and choose the jewelry you wish to display. 

Útkoman! Er ótrúlega ánægð.. finnst þetta gefa herbergið mitt smá meiri karakter.

The results! Love it. 

Chanel xx

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