British Red Cross Placement - Clashing Deadlines

Today is the fourth time I have visited the BRC office for my work placement. I am well aware of my surroundings and enjoy coming in to the office.

My last correspondence with my supervisor was regarding the deadlines for the Local Life newsletter, that a fellow CLAS student (Fran) and I are working on. Due to the reconstructions within the organisation that I mentioned in previous blog posts, Fran and I have been given much more responsibility regarding the completion of the newsletter. Unfortunately, the article deadline for the newsletter clashes with my dissertation deadline. I was worried this would cause inconveniences both for my employer as well as add additional stress to my workload whilst working on my dissertation. Therefore I contacted my supervisor, explained my situation and asked whether I could focus on fewer articles at this time. She was very understanding and explained that she was aware that this may occur because I was able to let her know at the beginning of my placement that I would have very limited availability during April to work on the articles. Therefore we decided that I would focus on 2 – 3 articles at this time and in May I would be able to work on the design and distribution of the newsletter.

My task for today is to complete the three articles that I have been set. This includes a brief overview on the Practice English Learn First Aid sessions held in the BRC Derby centre, which aim to provide refugees and people new to the UK with support and advice on what to do in an emergency. The second article did not require much work as it was a press release from the BRC Communications team regarding the BRC’s partnership with the Co-Op which aim to target loneliness and isolation, especially of the elderly. The final article, which I am currently working on, is an account of a fundraising challenge completed by a volunteer in November 2015. The challenge consisted of running, walking and cycling for 11 hours, 11 minutes and 11 seconds in order to raise money for both the BRC and Royal British Legion on Remembrance Day. The completion of these articles require editing skills, attention to detail and an ability to extract and reword from the information I have been given.

It is a shame that I am not able to work on more articles, especially the article I had planned on researching myself – A Day in the Life of a Refugee / Asylum Seeker. However, I plan on focusing on the topic of Refugees for my final project for this CLAS work placement module. So I am sure I will have another chance to learn more about the BRC’s work with refugees and asylum seekers.

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