British Red Cross Placement - Back in the office

As I have finally finished handing in my Dissertation, I am now able to focus on my work placement and begin working towards the deadlines set for the newsletter. My fellow placement colleague, Fran, has been very busy with creating content for the newsletter and now it is my responsibility to put together these articles and create the final product, i.e. the newsletter.

I have a substantial amount of experience with designing posters, presentations and images for social media due to my role with Impact Magazine as the Managing Editor. Therefore, I am looking forward to building on these skills as well as utilising my knowledge of branding to create a newsletter that meets the brief provided by British Red Cross but also gives me an opportunity to be creative.

Today, I had a meeting scheduled at 2pm with my supervisors and the staff responsible for the creation and distribution of the newsletter. Therefore, I arrived in the office slightly early in order to catch up on the content that has been created for the newsletter whilst I was away. In the meeting, I had a few questions regarding the creative freedom I was allowed whilst putting the content together as I have learnt during my time at BRC that their branding is an integral part of the organisation. However, my supervisors told me that due to the possibility of this being the last newsletter of its kind, I was allowed much more creative freedom than has usually been allowed. However, I am aware that I must take into consideration the regulations regarding the BRC brand such as colours and font.

I am glad I have been given the opportunity to be involved with the creation of this newsletter as I am interested in a career in brand management. Therefore, I have found learning about the BRC's brand management exceptionally interesting. As explained in previous posts, at the beginning of my placement it was required that I complete an online learning course. During that course I learnt about the origins of the BRC and what the organisations values are. I think that this knowledge will benefit me whilst designing the newsletter seeing as I am able to pay attention to these values as I assemble the content in a way that reflects the BRC's image, values and intentions.


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